Double Top on Rubbermaid $NWL

Quick post - just saw this chart and looked like an ideal time to go short.

$QQQ Strikes Resistance

With respect to the last two posts - here's another chart that shows bearish signs for the overall marketplace.

Low Risk Gold

As Gold sits on its long-term support, the natural response from a technical perspective is to be bullish on gold for now.

Is This the Market Peak?

What sneaks up, slams down (usually).

If the markets can make its way to the blue line - I might actually believe the economic recovery is nigh... Or at least "the worst" of it is over.

$VIX $SPX Ratio at 2007 Levels

I think Meek Mills had the right idea when he said "There's levels to this shyt" [youTube NSFW].

Looking at the volatility ($VIX) relative to the S&P ($SPX), one may be inclined to argue that a bubble is about to pop somewhere in Market-Land where mulla is magically printed. 

I continue to maintain my bearish stance until I can find some real solid evidence that the markets have indeed recovered. So far all I smell is a bunch of bullshit. 

At the risk of being labeled a "terrorist" - I gotta say, this market looks like it's about to go "kaboom". 

As always... I could be completely wrong. 

Off-the-Rim. $SPX Attempting A Rebound.

Bubble-Peak to Bubble-Peak, SPX is attempting a rebound on the newly formed support. Can it win? Yes. Only until it eventually fails.

$BP Symmetrical Triangle

Play: Short at resistance; Long on Support.

Breakout in whichever direction determines the next move.

$DIA Nears Resistance

Play: Short below; Long above. 

$QQQ Nearing TL W/ Multiple Inflections

$VIX Aiming for Wedge Support

Lower wedge support @ ~11 points. While it may head lower, it'll pop again and eventually sky rocket.


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